Some Shows

The Ballad of Saint Jerome


The Ballad of Saint Jerome, ART NOW @ Tate Britain, LDN, UK

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Support Level


Support Level, Chapter NY, New York, USA

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Armes Blanches


Armes Blanches, Sultana, Paris, FR

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Atrophilia (with Phoebe Collings-James)


Atrophilia (w Phoebe Collings-James), Company, NYC, USA

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The Great Near

Spirit Level (with Takeshi Shiomitsu)


Spirit Level (w Takeshi Shiomitsu), AND/OR, LDN, UK


Some Projects


Original commission for Volksbuhne Fullscreen
co-created with Christian Kokott // score by Ohal
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Mene Mene Tekel Parsin


Mene Mene Tekel Parsin. Curated for Wysing Arts Centre

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Let Them Eat Cake [May One Without Hunger Lift the First Knife]

Let Them Eat Cake [May One Without Hunger Lift the First Knife] in collaboration with Raju Rage for Block Universe Festival



Sound performance NTGNE commissioned for Serpentine Park Nights on the occasion of 09/11/2015

Neoliberal Agitprop Glorious Sellout


Neoliberal Agitprop Poster #glorious #sellout #losermilita for Banner Repeater
Limited edition of 35
Digital print on cyclus paper
620mm × 860mm

Some Texts

A Correspondence (for Art Now)

In Correspondence with Reverend Dr. Christina Beardsley on the occasion of Art Now: The Ballad of Saint Jerome, October 2018

Letter #4

Letter #4 for close tinyletter, July 23, 2018

A Letter to the Translator

A Letter to the Translator, aCCeSsions No.4, April 2018. Commissioned by Jeppe Ugelvig. First published in Arabic on the occasion of the Sharjah Biennale 13: Act II.

Intimacy Keynote

11 Dreams

11 Dreams for tender №5, October 2014

Zoēpic (_so epic)

Zoēpic [so epic], text for performance with powerpoint, self-administered EMDR (YouTube, binaural beats mood stabilisation and “cartesian vocal effect.") Presented on the occasion of Present Fictions Symposium at DRAF, London, March 2014

On ethics, historicity and the #usermilitia

Post-whatever: on ethics, historicity and the #usermilitia, Rhizome.com, 16/12/2014. Originally published in a different form in You Are Here: Art After the Internet , edited by Omar Kholeif, Cornerhouse Publications 2013

Some Press

Tate etc


Artist project with text by Martin Herbert. March 2018.


On Curating

No Tears for the Sovereign. An Interview with Jesse Darling, Vera Petukhova, Issue 40 / September 2018


Work in Progress, 13/02/2017
In Focus, Ellen Mara de Wachter, Issue 171 May 2015

1 Granary

Practice produces belief: lessons on artistic representation, Alexandre Saden, Issue 4, Spring 2017